Tony Leung Exclusive: Becoming a Marvel villain and his favourite Shang-Chi scene | CNA Lifestyle
Tony Leung - Hong Kong cinema legend and star of Shang-Chi - sat down with CNA Lifestyle's Genevieve Loh to exclusively share why he said "yes" to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, trusting his instincts, leaving his comfort zone and being at an age where he can "try things I didn't dare to try before".

Plus, his “bad” first day on the Marvel movie set.

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  • Jen Purple
    Jen Purple

    吴宗宪说过他像梁朝伟 。。。 怎么成真了。。。

  • Lotto Lot
    Lotto Lot

    Other than action movie, they should cut a special "drama clip" for Tony, because he likes that part, Tony's fans will like it, yo!

  • oto89 oto90
    oto89 oto90

    My super fav actor....ah who ever that stole his autograph photo from me, u better treasure it.

  • Badari Krishna
    Badari Krishna

    Oh man I was blown away by his expressions when in theatre without knowing his background. I knew this actor is creating some magic with his acting and when I curiously searched to cheat him out to find he is a legend. PS: I found his acting abilities similar to Shah rukh Khan here in India. Vibes were similar to Shah rukh when Leung acted with his vibes.

  • Foo Jeffrey
    Foo Jeffrey

    Tony Leung nailed it again. This show won't be so successful without his acting. We were moved by his acting on Wen Wu throughout the movie.

  • edlee202020

    Glory of Hong Kong 香港之光

  • Sammy lucpin
    Sammy lucpin

    he's so introverted. So relatable. 😭

  • va ha
    va ha

    Maybe they can cast him to play Michelle Yeoh's husband in Crazy Rich Asian 2... not that I know if he even shows up.

  • Keith Tai 郑起隆
    Keith Tai 郑起隆

    I love it that he speak in Cantonese.

  • Dat Mai
    Dat Mai

    For those who are not familiar, he’s the record holder for most best actor wins at both Hong Kong Film Awards (HK Oscars) and Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan Oscars) and is the first Hong Kong actor to win the best actor award at Cannes Film Festival.

  • Surianto Sou
    Surianto Sou

    you just cant hate this guy, he is so humble.

  • cindy tong
    cindy tong

    don't waste money on this movie. It was painful having to sit through this tripe in the theatre 😂

  • Fuad Bin Sultan
    Fuad Bin Sultan

    he is a very good looking guy

  • Aspiring Abogado Productions
    Aspiring Abogado Productions

    What a bloody LEGEND!

  • Aspiring Abogado Productions
    Aspiring Abogado Productions

    "You made me cry" "I'm sorry"

  • TunaBones

    A new face in Simu Liu and a legend in Tony Leung????

  • Jason Reviews TECH
    Jason Reviews TECH

    when I understand the cantonese better than english. I'm failing the west. Thank god.

  • 楊斌

    梁朝偉好多新加坡人好鐘意睇你演戲㗎 感覺你 真性情又謙虛

  • Gehslol

    I loved that he replied in cantonese! Loved the interview as him speaking in canto is more authentic! 好高兴!

  • charlie paul tompodung
    charlie paul tompodung

    After tony leung i hope some andy lau can have same opportunity

  • Mei Hung
    Mei Hung

    Hats off - at his age deciding to get out of his comfort zone. He is an absolute genius in drama. I wish Fat gor would do that too. Love to see a movie with them together.

  • petite etoile
    petite etoile

    He's just...amazing

  • Lone Drifter
    Lone Drifter

    I love that you let him speak Chinese to express himself better. Forcing him to speak only English makes things more difficult to describe complex things. I wish news networks realize this. Tony leung is a true legend in cinema that not many people realize. I loved him in hard boiled and infernal affairs. 2046 too. Super handsome and talented. He's basically the clint eastwood or Leonard dicaprio of China. Not many Americans know of him.but should.

  • Muhammad Hariz
    Muhammad Hariz

    Infernal affair... Best movie ever..

  • Mani Singh
    Mani Singh

    I was surprised to really see myself about to cry for a villian....he was terrific

  • FreezeYourFrame

    I'd watch the movie yesterday with my son... 4DX 3D,.. man that brings the movie to another level.

  • raymond Hee
    raymond Hee

    Tony speaks fluent English. Just that he prefers to speak in Cantonese where he can express himself better

  • Mongolue Yang
    Mongolue Yang

    He was so amazing in the movie. I loved his story and the emotions he made me feel when watching him.

  • 10fold

    my favorite part was when after telling his men to take his children away, he sat down and what looked like he grieved a bit to himself. his children dont understand him, no one understands him. he needs to be strong for everyone so that in the end his wife will come back to them and everyone will be happy again.

  • YP Tham
    YP Tham

    OMG, I love Tony. Initially, I was not aware he is 1 of the actor. I merely went for a Marvel Movie. He got me so excited and happy watching the movie. My view is he is more shining and bright than the main actor. I find him so charming in the movie and I felt so sad that he lost his wife in the movie. The way he expressed his love made me forget he is a bad guy in the movie. He is really amazing.

  • GeorgeLee

    Hong Kong legend !! One of the great actors of our generation !!!

  • Runningtail

    so much talent the way he acts with his eyes, and so shy when he's just being himself

  • Lee Veron
    Lee Veron

    Tony Leung. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nope2107 : :
    Nope2107 : :

    Remember he is speaking Cantonese

  • Raghad

    I only watched this movie cuz he’s in it

  • Keith Sootho
    Keith Sootho

    They KILLED IT with the casting of Tony Leung. Absolutely stole the show. Strong 1000/10.

  • Kyce

    this man ALWAYS understands the assignment

  • sh Y
    sh Y

    it was a terrible movie with 1. endless list of hackneyed western stereotypes on Asian culture, 2. shitty hero story; why cant shang chi have that moral struggle that batman, superman, spiderman all have? each tried to make sense of their power in their imperfect world and use it for good. none of that for shang chi he just says hes gonna kill his dad... (inspired by parricides in greek plays?) 3. Leung Chiu-wai is such a star just wow... the man demands audience's attention; he is the only one really convincing audience of his background story. we feel his pain of losing his wife. none of other cast manage to show their own twinkle under this huge actor's huge shadow. TL;DR Leung Chiu-wai carried the movie, so it just manages to be not a really really terrible movie, its just terrible.

  • Benamarie Silvestre
    Benamarie Silvestre

    Tony Leung is such an awesome actor. He's so cool I can't believe I only knew about him just recently. No doubt, one of my favourite Marvel villains. Legendary actor indeed.

  • Ricky Yang
    Ricky Yang

    Man if he had an audio book, I would listen to it while I sleep

  • KSH TV
    KSH TV


  • Lisa Y
    Lisa Y

    He was so good! Can we get a Wenwu origin story special or something on Disney+ . Can't get enough of Tony Leung's Wenwu.

  • jaburuians


  • lilsmurfee525

    Tony is such a humble and intelligent man. I loved this movie and Tony made it especially good.

  • Emma Gabriel
    Emma Gabriel

    god how can he be so beautiful for his whole life

  • JennT WithLove
    JennT WithLove

    Need young actors/actresses.... & he could've spoken in English.... 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Zhida Zhou
    Zhida Zhou

    Why does she look like Jay Leno?

  • Agnes C
    Agnes C

    Hi 梁朝伟, grown up in your HKTVB era since 80s 新紮師兄 and has always been a superfan of you and 劉嘉玲. Watched Shang-Chi as my first movie after post-pandemic open-up. Honestly speaking, feel that your dress code is so simple and you ought to act more of a power-hunger cast as scripted in this movie.

  • iiShadowii7

    he looks so badass

  • Kevin Wijaya
    Kevin Wijaya

    When he speaks cantonese, he sounds like a regular human being. But when he speaks englisy, it sounds very deep and hypnotic, almost like james spader's voice.

    • BeMerylle

      Yes, u're 10000000% right abt this. WHen i watched the movie, i thought his part was dubbed! Somehow after watching Jackie Chan and Jet Li"s attempts at hollywood, I couldnt bring myself to believe Tony could enunciate and emote so well for all his parts! It's made me love him even more! :D

  • Brian Lau
    Brian Lau

    Raise your hand if you can't read or write Chinese, but understood every single thing he was saying in Cantonese without reading the English subtitles.

  • Richard

    Tony nailed his role

  • Charles Calixtus
    Charles Calixtus

    That's what we call a versatile actor!

  • Milliiie Yang
    Milliiie Yang

    He chose a phenomenal film to make his Hollywood debut! 👏 forever a legend with many other Hong Kong stars✨

  • Charlie Ly
    Charlie Ly

    He is so charismatic and easy to listen to. I so envy those who get to speak with him, he is such an iconic actor 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Ken

    That Shiang Chi guy was so lucky to work together with Tony

  • CoCoSoY


  • lisaong126

    Now I wanna see the uncut scenes with Tony Leung 😭😭😭 why did marvel cut them. They need to see the light of day eventually

  • Tagum Nabam
    Tagum Nabam

    I would like to see the non theatrical cut version of the film.

  • tmsoks

    Omg my idol. This movie is awesome.

  • Jon Torr
    Jon Torr

    Never heard of him until Shang Chi, and boy, am I in love with this man haha. I'm totally straight, but I fell in love with his performance

  • TheDalinkwent

    I like how honest he is...very refreshing. Loved his performance in Shang-Chi...he's easily in the top 10 already of MCU Super-villains, if not top 5.

  • luciana oliveira
    luciana oliveira

    He's amazing!!❤

  • IanNguyenDo

    My Martial arts instructor was a stand-in for Tony for the action scenes.

  • Gemgem

    hes so gorgeous. But how come pick an ugly snapshot of the video as the video cover🙄

  • Hoa Pham
    Hoa Pham

    I wish tony goes big in the west!

  • Julie Ng
    Julie Ng

    I miss tony leung. Glad to see him back on screen again :)

  • Kitty2010

    Great HK Actor and well respected artist. Great to see him speaking HongKongese in the interview!! :))

  • Mark Sloan
    Mark Sloan

    I hope this means more around the world get to see more of his work. So damn good. Everyone in this cast just seem so humble and considerate as well.

  • Natasha Chua
    Natasha Chua

    Tonnyyyy sure 1000% support

  • Yu Dee
    Yu Dee

    He is always my favorite actor :) seeing him here makes me smile

  • Zippo Collector
    Zippo Collector


  • Vincent L
    Vincent L


  • jess yung
    jess yung

    He is legend 🙌

  • Cuthbert Yeo
    Cuthbert Yeo

    His voice ;)

  • Richart Asia
    Richart Asia

    He's my fav hero even if he's the dark side

  • Fiona Loy
    Fiona Loy

    hv been following him since I watched his role as 张无忌 (tvb drama).

  • Fiona Loy
    Fiona Loy

    He has aged but still look good.

  • Ria Ria
    Ria Ria

    My all-time fav actor Tony Leung


    He makes me cry. It shows how much he love his wife in the movie and the emotion passed through

  • Hanna Lon Teupeu
    Hanna Lon Teupeu

    It's funny how he talks about leaving his comfort zone... Because his career shows that he has none. He played a gay man when it wasn't accepted in the mainstream media, he played a villain even during his peak days, hell, he even have real unstimulated sex scenes for a mainstream movies..the guy has no comfort Zone.

  • bbqqhk


  • shawfui shawfui
    shawfui shawfui

    I prefer he talk Cantonese than English...It is more lively..Tony Leung... Cantonese suit better on you

  • Benas

    Such an amazing actor with a wonderful career and dozens of amazing movies under his belt. Truly THE GOAT!

  • Christian Anderson
    Christian Anderson

    Am I the only person who's a bit pissy about everyone only now, realizing how awesome Tony Leung is, because he's starring in a Marvel film?

    • Christian Anderson
      Christian Anderson

      @Fernanda Adam Oh, I'm half joking, cuz you're totally right. I'm actually enjoying seeing everybody begin to find his work and dive into it. There was a time when, literally no one knew who I was referring to, when I mentioned his name.

    • Fernanda Adam
      Fernanda Adam

      I don't see the problem. Now people can watch his filmography and learn how wonderful he's been. This could be a gateway for anyone who wants to see more Asian movies and that's great.

  • Ray1123Ray

    Every look on Tony's face got my attention!!!!

  • ivan andreas
    ivan andreas

    I love his humble potrayal during interview. His energy and eye brow, is so calm like a total different person. Growing up watching his movies, take notice at his eye when he is in character. Love you Tony Leung

  • Ash B
    Ash B

    Damn, I never knew he played Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the original Hong Kong version of The Departed, Infernal Affairs. I'll definitely have to check out his work.

    • 10fold

      you got it backwards, Leonardo played Tony Leung's character in Infernal Affairs. The Departed was the remake.

    • Tamera Wong
      Tamera Wong

      Internal Affairs was good.

  • gman6862

    My favorite Chinese actor of all time!

  • Agent Serone
    Agent Serone

    Xu Wenwu, the thousand year old, empire-conquering war lord and Master of the Ten Rings. 传奇.

  • Ken Plays
    Ken Plays

    Aiya slight spoiler

  • room hi
    room hi

    佢個樣 又老 又殘 !! 真唔明 咁多人讚! Hahaaahaha

  • Navis_

    This man can literally steal your girl with this charm.. 🤣🤣

  • Advika Singh
    Advika Singh

    He's an icon

  • SootheSkin

    He isn't the villain in the movie, if you look at it, he gave up the 10 rings for love and tried to get his wife back

  • Robin Ong
    Robin Ong

    Have been loving him since The Police Cadet.

  • Ritzwan Abdullah
    Ritzwan Abdullah

    My favourite actor, keep it up Tony

  • Kamei Mercy
    Kamei Mercy

    I think only one or two movies make the cut for the Asian main character in Hollywood of all it's existence. One I remember is Ninja and this... The rest are just a small roles. No matter how much an Asians actors are famous in their country they never got the main part/character. Which is quite hypocrite for Hollywood....😖

  • Hok Chung Ma
    Hok Chung Ma