17 Teachers You'll Meet in Every School
New teachers have joined the Titan Academy. Here are a few teachers you'll see in every school!
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Director: JianHao Tan
Producer: Amander Liew
Editor: Hakim
Assistant Director: Amander Liew
Cinematographer: Danial Ron, Hakim
Sound: Sam
Written By: JianHao Tan,
Set Design: Erica Koh, Eileen Cheah
Production Assistants: Kevin Foo, Chui Lei, Mikah, Eko Tan

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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan

    Do you guys like the new teachers? 🤣




      We love love loved the new teachers. And jianHao be prepared for classes till 3:45 pm. Love the madam sooth bang enterance

    • Brian


    • random human
      random human


    • Brian


  • Nez

    Mr. Mabuhay is one of my fav teachers

  • Steve

    Madam Soot Beng is the worst!!!!

  • Surya Komatineni
    Surya Komatineni

    I am a hero The short film starts out with Cleverly and Jian Hao saying “I am a hero,” as the film starts out. Cleverly goes to the tuition center which is the boarding school he is sent to and then soon Leanne Loh invites him to a restaurant and Cleverly orders A burger, fries, and an Oreo milkshake. Leanne is the owner of the tuition center and Madam Soot Beng arrives and Cleverly is scared and Leanne assures him that Madam Soot Beng is helpful and an amazing teacher and they will help him with the plan. Leanne Loh is actually hacking and is trying to save Titan academy. Mr. Dan is looking after the class because Mrs. Siti, Mrs. Sherly, and the lunch lady all quit. Mr. Dan looks after them and soon he gets respect and realizes that he was a little hard on his students and his students realized that they were a little too disrespectful. The organization is Denise's parents' business and Denise is super smart because her parents must have been making her smart at infancy. In the shadows they are trying to bring back Principal Tan o.s from the dead for the ultimate plan. Within 3 months Cleverley's hair grows back and soon the organization is about to do a mutant experiment to make the students super smart. But Leanne Loh, Madame Soot Beng, Mrs. Sherly, Aiden, Cleverly, Mrs. Siti, and the lunch lady come back to save the students. Regna is Tasha's aunt and she told a story; "my mom always loved my younger sister a lot more than me. She got all the attention, birthdays and presents," Regna tells. Regna sees that Tasha looks a lot like her younger sister so Regna wants to destroy Tasha, that's how evil she is. The portal opens to a second dimension. Terry sacrifices his life to stop the portal and Terry is transported to the third dimension. When tan o.s is brought back Mr. Lakosh and Mrs. June come back to stop Tan o.s. He then fused with Alan they go on a rampage destroying the town and Jian Hao and Cleverly discover their super secret powers and use them to kill Tan o.s but cannot. Mr. Muthu Raja comes in and kills tan o.s using spirit powers from his super suit which will then dysfunction and Alan and Tan o.s die and Gong Gong is freed and then Gong Gong realizes that Trev invested in Stocks not stonks. He goes to the nearest computer he finds and refunds Trev. Trev becomes a millionaire. Mr. Muthu Raja is fighting the guards. Mr. Muthu Raja cannot win now he has lost. Jian Hao sacrifices his life. Leonard, who is another version of Terry from the second dimension, comes to defeat Regna. Leonard looks for Terry and Terry says “I am fine here I like it here, ” Leonard is shocked. Leonard was tired of being the vice president in this dimension. Terry took over and Leonard stayed in this dimension where Terry lived before. Regna is overpowered and the energy from her is used to clone herself 3 more times. The clones point their blasters at Jian Hao, Denise, Trev, and Vincent. Mr. Lakosh and Mrs. June go in front of Trev and save his life but only Mr. Lakosh gets injured. 1 of the clones is dead, the next 3 die as well and Die as well because of Jian Hao. Debbie finally breaks out of her nerdy shell and her mom accepts Debbie and they both have a great relationship. The ending ends with JianHao and Cleverly saying “I am a hero,” as the film ends.

  • Ali Oumar
    Ali Oumar

    Madame Soot Beng is competing with Portogas D. Rouge (Ace's mother in One Piece), who'll keep the baby in for the longest time?

  • Kai Man
    Kai Man

    4:46 biggest ears can’t hear still

  • Ana Flores
    Ana Flores

    Pe perpetually eating

  • Zajin Ramirez
    Zajin Ramirez

    Teacher:whats a bigger tragedy than Romeo and Juliet Me:Slavery, Segregation,The genecide of a group of munks in a specific country(forgot the country all i know is its in asia,it was taken over by Russians and they lost their native writing) also who can forget the holocaust Teacher:(mouth wide open in aw)

  • Itachifan2


  • Divyesh Mangroliya
    Divyesh Mangroliya

    I can't believe madam soot being is back

  • Demon

    I hate dan

  • Burhan Asim
    Burhan Asim

    We need part two

  • purple guy
    purple guy


  • MrNobody

    i have 3 funny period teachers and i love school this year and 2 chill and that 1 PE teacher

  • Grace Awour
    Grace Awour

    Omg madam soot being is back

  • yeah no
    yeah no

    You better make madam soot beng nice in the end

  • my best ruqa Patel
    my best ruqa Patel

    Imgur the mr.p lip partvhad me

  • Maimuna akter
    Maimuna akter

    Hay can u do different people in cinema plzz

  • Gacha Jan
    Gacha Jan

    WoW I really don’t like the strict teacher! (Not madame Sotbang(?)

  • Martina Falcon
    Martina Falcon

    When's the next vid

  • Sevan Ayrancıyan
    Sevan Ayrancıyan

    9:12 I never thought this would happen here! 🤣

  • Psych2Go

    "Actually how are babies made?"

    • Leilani789 Yah
      Leilani789 Yah

      Woah I didn’t expect you to comment here-

    • Sevan Ayrancıyan
      Sevan Ayrancıyan

      The answer 9:12

  • craft with me
    craft with me

    Something changed wiht madam soot beng like- she turned like- different really bold like you know?- like-shes like when the angle gets thrown out then comes back as a demon? Like that kinda thing? She changeddddd

  • A_J_S_  L_o_R_d ark
    A_J_S_ L_o_R_d ark

    How is Debby and your child

  • TomDoes Gaming
    TomDoes Gaming

    I just KNEW she was gonna come back

  • Jada Hu
    Jada Hu

    Yes I thought she would not come back

  • Maxree Reee
    Maxree Reee

    and shes still pregnant XD

  • Jhon Michael Oliva
    Jhon Michael Oliva

    Madam soot beng gained regan's trust. She can betray her soon. GL Madam Soot Beng and MS. Sherly

  • Logan The TCF Fan EST. 1994 UTTP Entertainment Inc.
    Logan The TCF Fan EST. 1994 UTTP Entertainment Inc.

    Hi teenage guruz

  • MiggyAnimatez

    Mr. Dan could've done better but he didn't -_- like he should call Mr. Fakkah more like Mr. Fucker

  • dasun kannangara
    dasun kannangara

    Well i know we don't have the same time everywhere I guess it's past 12 this is to say happy birthday Starley 😇

  • Ninja Gamer
    Ninja Gamer

    Not turtles master turtles

  • Vahid Vavakunju
    Vahid Vavakunju

    Awesome epic twist

  • sopzxr_

    I’m so happy there’s a Filipino teacher I’m actually a Filipino myself! Masarap pansit palabok (pander palabok is delicious)

  • Justafloatingballoon

    Yeah, a Filipino teacher!!! Woo!!!

  • MushyLigitness-Timothy Pham
    MushyLigitness-Timothy Pham

    The chill one is good

  • Boomlocks - let’s plays
    Boomlocks - let’s plays

    Idea: 13 activities at pe

  • Azanga Mambot
    Azanga Mambot

    I love Mr Plip 😂🤣he’s so funny

  • Manohar S
    Manohar S

    Theory: Jianhao,Denise and Vincent are the earths strongest heroes with extremely super powers,example:wind power ,in wind power a person can control anything with is breath like if he blows at any building it will fly away in the force of 1million kilometres per 1 second. With students having these super powers their mission is to save the school from the treacherous principal and few bad students and bad teachers helping them like madam scoot Beng and in students , Debbie,Trev,Hakim and Sunny. When madam scoot Beng discovers Denise,Jianhao and Vincent saving the school she makes an evil potion which makes Denise dumb , madam scoot beng included that side effect because if Denise is dumb she will fail the exams and then further will be expelled and that was working , so there will be one person gone in the mission of saving the school and jianhao thought that this will be temporary he prepares to save Denise. As Jianhao loved Denise he did not loose hope and let go of her. He makes the potion exactly opposite to the evil potion, it was named as the Denise potion by Jianhao. Next day jianhao seeks help from Vincent to hold Denise while jianhao makes Denise drink the potion, after drinking the potion Denise became normal(with the original powers she had before). But now she is more strong. Denise gets impressed on him and she starts liking him. Now the three heroes begin to save the school. Actually the three met in a secret basement where they discuss everything . Jianhao and Denise create suits in which the suit has special features like:invisibility Wings And the next day there will be a big fight between the wind heroes and evil teachers and evil students. They succeed in saving the school and miss sherly becomes the principal. And when Denise gets impressed with Jian hao she hugs him.

  • k1tty

    MaDaM sOoT bEnG is back!

  • Nana-Akua Twum
    Nana-Akua Twum

    "I swear this feels like deja vu" *Best line ever*

  • james melwani
    james melwani

    Dan will do something big, he might just protest against the organization alongside the students to standup for himself and he will finally get the confidence he needs to do that. And students will finally respect him. Thats a theory i just came up with

  • DJ kitten
    DJ kitten

    *my crocodile ate my homework*

  • Saitama

    The Passionate teacher is my favourite.

  • GhoSTz_ Slay3R09
    GhoSTz_ Slay3R09

    Everyone complaining the end at 2pm me ends at 3 pm when i am grade 1

  • DJ kitten
    DJ kitten

    i had the grumpy one a few times

  • Darell Wiratama
    Darell Wiratama

    14:27 isi Mabuhay or Mahubay?

    • Leilani789 Yah
      Leilani789 Yah

      It’s “Mabuhay” as someone who’s half filipina myself I can confirm that. Mabuhay is also a word in Tagalog/Filipino that is a way to say “welcome”

  • aimen ali
    aimen ali

    Duhhh it was so niceee

  • Mirian Buenviaje
    Mirian Buenviaje

    the last time i was in school my dismissal ends at 3:35 PM

  • xyna & zayyan Khan
    xyna & zayyan Khan

    Madam soooot beeeng yaaaaay

  • Sarvesh N
    Sarvesh N

    Twists in twists

  • Vikhyat Gupta
    Vikhyat Gupta


  • gaylor cuizon
    gaylor cuizon

    Mannnnnnnn madam soot beng seems better in the the movie i am the teacher :/

    • gaylor cuizon
      gaylor cuizon

      *i am a teacher

  • Purpletwilighttt & Ps_krichole
    Purpletwilighttt & Ps_krichole

    I miss mdm soot beng😭✨

  • Jordan Gunawan
    Jordan Gunawan

    Madam soot beng still... pregnant

  • Clive Hui
    Clive Hui

    Is Madam soot beng trying to help?

  • Sydney Nguyen
    Sydney Nguyen

    Am I the only one notice when Nicole saying that it feels like Déjà vu, she is talking about the time when in a video she was the same teacher as this one

  • galaxy

    Theroy miss lean Loh has something to do with the organisation

  • Chad Austin
    Chad Austin

    What if Vincent’s dad did leave him ): 😿

  • Hannin Hamsul
    Hannin Hamsul

    the shy teacher is literally me when i need to explain my presentation TwT

  • Cello Malvin
    Cello Malvin

    I love grumpy teacher now

  • Jovelyn Bacudio
    Jovelyn Bacudio

    I like mr. Mabuhay who's from Philippines here 🤔

  • Ali Suleiman
    Ali Suleiman

    can you guys plz plz plz plz plz plz try Urdu

  • Hiba

    Who else keeps coming back from this episode cause we wanna know what happens next lol 😂

  • DarkIsDark

    wait what happened to madam soot beng….

  • wolf squad
    wolf squad


  • * CHITO *
    * CHITO *

    Does that mean jianhao is gonna get his phone back

  • Dylan Kate iris Aung
    Dylan Kate iris Aung

    At 3:15 I feel like that teacher should be mr lakosh he would make it sound so good and dramatic!!

  • 💜ArmBlink💜

    Yayy madam sootbeng back yayyyyyyy!!!

  • °axurlilx°

    My theory:omg I think this could be true the new organization isn't the villains miss sherly and miss siti are the true villains look it's been like 2 years and they still haven't graduated not even Denise and she gets full marks? I think the new organization is trying to make everyone fail so they can expell them and they can free from this school but idk if about madam soot being she's kinda confusing tho.

  • Harry Potter Memes
    Harry Potter Memes

    “ Mr Philip ! “ P-lip : WHO SUMMONED ME

  • KT Ling
    KT Ling

    Please do madem shoot bang is kind

  • Avinash Marcus Reddy Vijayan
    Avinash Marcus Reddy Vijayan


  • Gamerlady Hannah
    Gamerlady Hannah

    Im glad that madam soot beng is back! And it also means he gets Jin haos phone back 😄

  • foxerlifeout 1132
    foxerlifeout 1132

    in my school we stay till 4pm ( before pandemic ) I promise not kidding it was till 2pm but 4 classes were so bad then they made it till 4 after that when the super strict teacher told me to put her phone on her desk the phone accidently or purposely slip from my hand on the floor

  • Hana HM Official (◠‿◕)
    Hana HM Official (◠‿◕)

    FAKKAH FUZZ I know him at Tiktok and he's the Funny teacher 😁😁😁 I mean I guess I'm like miss Nancy. Whenever people ignored me, I then become like her and cry. Then when people saw me crying then they come to me and say what happen. Then I end up scolding or do something like how Miss Nancy do. I guess is that sensitive? People say that I'm too sensitive and easy to get angry. Btw the people is my friends. 😔😔

  • sniper raptor
    sniper raptor

    Theory when cleverly said in the last vid mrs sherly future was not bright cleverly was right

  • foxerlifeout 1132
    foxerlifeout 1132

    bruh if I had those 2 teachers in 16:48 I would throw a paper plane written on it ( open ) and the words in the paper plane are: dear strict teachers, I would like to announce that no one cared about the academy and students don't love to hear your voice. understand??

  • 3 C 16 Prince Hendricks
    3 C 16 Prince Hendricks

    Reference: When the science teacher said, “we are going to learn about human reproduction!!!” every student was cheering, yet the students was clueless because of what the science teacher was trying to teach. Even the science teacher said that the students can just do silent reading. This is a reference from types of bad teachers

  • IShowSpeedWhileBridging

    Weirdos, who has pineapples on pizza

  • Vihang Dalal
    Vihang Dalal

    Coming back of Madam Soot Beng, It was the same feeling seeing Dr Octopus come back in Spider-Man!!

  • Sukruth Y
    Sukruth Y

    Advance happy birthday starley love u

  • Amritha's Tips
    Amritha's Tips



    Why is the grumpy part so funny the teacher has so big ears and cannot hear him

  • Olivia M.
    Olivia M.

    Why is she still pregnant

  • MrUnparfaithomme

    If I got the examination paper I would tear it

  • Ianah Barchita
    Ianah Barchita

    "He's my pare"

  • Detective Potato
    Detective Potato

    Wait since Madam Soot Beng is back does that mean Jianhao will get his old phone back the one he got taken away before she was kicked out ? Or no ( probably not )

  • Slime Slime happiness
    Slime Slime happiness

    14:02 Filipinos anyone?

    • Leilani789 Yah
      Leilani789 Yah

      Me heh- I’m only half Filipina though

  • Regidor Ma Rova
    Regidor Ma Rova

    Madam Soot Beng is back Im so happy LOL

  • Ebin Joy
    Ebin Joy

    can u upload dentention prt 2

  • K.Harini 1515
    K.Harini 1515

    yay!! madam soot beng is back!!

  • Dhan Limbu
    Dhan Limbu

    The grumpy teacher reminds me of my teacher her name is Mrs Sumdrum or some thing like that she is alway in in a bad mood I think and she shout I don't know why

  • Zhacky Cantua
    Zhacky Cantua

    I can speak tagalog trust me here hoy pare ano gwa mo that means hey bro what are you doing

  • bormiten

    Loooove Mr. Mabuhay! Not cause he is a fellow Filipino but because he's so into character: the accent, the acting! He has so much potential. More skits for him hahahaha Maybe he can even end up in a longstanding rivalry with unreasonable teacher

  • SidharthPlayz [DEEZ NUTZ CLUT]
    SidharthPlayz [DEEZ NUTZ CLUT]

    When Will Mr. Muthu Raja Return, we miss him

    • Maninha ^w^
      Maninha ^w^


  • Python the best
    Python the best


  • Python the best
    Python the best


  • Python the best
    Python the best


  • Python the best
    Python the best